What is the future of Investment Banking in India? [Updated 2021]

The Future of Investment Banking in India is incredible. A major investment bank and a credible international bank in India will generate investment opportunities for both multinational banks and their clients. 
They will be able to invest more of their capital and expertise in the form of acquisition loans and trading investments.
Just as the investment banking arms of some companies are generating spectacular growth rates, there are those investing companies, who offer their customers financial instruments, which are a fraction of the value of the investments they actually generate.
The banks know that one way or the other, the investment banking units of some companies will be out of the investment banking business altogether. 
So the banks are forming and investing in themselves and their partners. That’s the only way out for investment banking units of multinationals, who are losing more and more of their revenues to investment banking.
It is only a matter of time before the investment banking arms of banks will have stronger scale and better opportunities for the use of their investments for creating investment opportunities and thus, helping the companies in acquiring their investments. It will be a positive development for all financial services companies in India.