Are ifsc code and swift code same?

Investment Banking Opportunities in India

Are the IFSC Code and Swift Code same? The answer is No. Let’s know about the basic difference between them. The IFSC is needed while transactions within the country and SWIFT code is needed during international fund transfer.

For example, IFSC code enables to identify the transaction within the country and Swift code enables to transfer money to banks abroad.Swift code can be used to transfer money abroad for further processing if banks are willing to receive it. SWIFT code allows sending money in international bank transfer to another bank.

Processing fee of transferring funds through Swift code is much lower than sending it through IFSC. After this process, money goes through the entire process in a shortest time.

This is due to using multiple currencies with no errors and maximum speed with some connection errors. Same goes for IFSC but there is no possibility of receiving money within country.

Example of transfer of funds through Swift code:
Make sure the wallet has sufficient amount of currency available and other proper bank transaction information. Before starting to complete the transaction, it is required to provide some information that may be needed by other bank.
After obtaining the proper information, transfer the amount specified by other bank using the token code. This entire process takes only few minutes. With this type of transfer, users receive money even if there is a small delay.
With this method, banks can be sure about their payments. This kind of transfer comes with various banking regulations and same procedure has been used by banks for long. This method allows making international payment in a much faster manner.
After transfer, users have to do some procedures like sending the money to their bank account. In case, the user is in need of withdrawing cash, they will have to pay with same amount.
Online banking will create an instant balance with the money of the wallet. The transfer within the country can also be done in this manner.
The main step in online transfer from bank account is opening the separate bank account. When using the service from the online banking, the user will have to make sure that the transaction is completed in a proper amount. 

In case, money does not meet the account balance, the same transaction cannot be made again. The bank charges a percentage of transaction fee depending on the amount.

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